DB medical group Engineering provides design consultancy services for healthcare and scientific facilities, which also include the spatial planning of equipment and design of associated building services.

DB medical group Engineering provides a broad spectrum of services within the healthcare and scientific market. This consultancy caters for design guidance in both clinical, scientific and laboratory applications. We will assist you in designing and planning your facility, be it a clinic, scientific laboratory, or veterinary practice.

Our consultancy covers aspects related to spatial planning, building service requirements and specifications, as well as drawing up of detailed bills of quantities for equipment required in each area. Equipped with this information, the customer can then request quotations from suppliers of medical or scientific equipment.

DB medical group also provides the client with equipment schedules which detail spatial and plant requirements of each piece of equipment. This gives the customer specific information concerning what building services and plant requirements the equipment will need. It will also assess how well equipment will fit in the areas provided.


We will also submit recommendations and provide consultancy on pre-existing facility designs to ensure conformity to international standards. This ensures that local authorities are satisfied that local standards are met, and therefore that your facility receives rapid certification.

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